The Blog page looked bare for a bit today, i realized i had gotten too used to see it the way i had arranged it. I thought perhaps i should change it.

My 90 year old delirious grand mother had gotten even more delirious. she had been moving around in circles from one room to another, looking for my school bag.
I heard of that over the phone with maa and chuckled.

as a kid, i lay nights awake, picturing-imagining her die. i used to cover my mouth and sob silently with god-awful fright.
over the years i presumed that i'd gotten over it and when the day came i'd get by and be just fine.

In the end, after hanging up, i covered my mouth again... and cried.

My Blog, I have decided to keep it the way i had arranged it.. i couldn't possibly live in its absence.


Like a very long story is unimaginative, i wonder how to write one for you. :)