Every day when the bell rings they all huddle up in clusters. Rats go with rats; termites with fellow termites, pile up in smaller cars and scurry off to their tribes elsewhere.

I put on my bag and walk on a long journey back.

Mama says “But you must have a friend to roll around on the grass and watch the sun with! Guppy you’re such a lonely boy”

I once made friends with Fat Freddy, who took away my marbles and bit my hand. I said “Mama, I aint making no friends, friends bite!”

It was the feast of St. Mary’s and we all had to dress alike. Friends wore similar clothes, lovers wore similar hats and families were under big and colorful umbrellas.

And I was in my porch with a bottle, Mama had said something about being Lonely, so I breathed lonely into the bottle and thought that I would watch it grow every day and become a boy like me.

And some day we both shall be men.

As it goes without saying that in this world there are happy people and there are sad people and there are poets!