The first time, u dont feel anything.. or maybe see pink, blue or red. To me, Good Sense prevailed. I realised I have been sticking my toung out for too long now.. thinking it would mean something... I have been foolish.

Its done with now, Now i am Free Falling :)


The sea had always made me sullen. i always think this is what oblivion would look like.
i once told a friend, "dip a message or a finger and it would be lost forever". i told M, i am fascinated by her loving. she loves like a fortress, and i sailed to one such in the middle of the sea that holiday. they said it was the only one which could not be taken in, that it always defended its contents..
thought of M so much that day... it was the only thing that kept me from all the salt, brine and sullenness...
and as we drove into that sunset, in a car with a bunch of strangers, i imagined that there was love where the roads led inward and made circles around a reckonning of 'being in love'. that it wasnt puzzling or complex.. but slow jazz