So we have soothed in the calm. it is harmony and there are lights everywhere. we think about our intimacy and wonder if it eventually would be set in stone.
we spot our territories. those preserved versions of ourselves. they are still important but of less consequence.
we remain happy for days at a stretch. Mind works with less vigil and clutter.

We wonder if this is the end of imagination. if this is where we turn dumb and mute.

but, then i see you looking over the fence with a lost glance and i feel that i couldn't possibly fathom uncertainty.

It is winter and as we stride along the field, i wish i could tell you that i feel wonderful.


we did not leave our names behind, not even dug prints of our paws on the walls.
you said we needn't claim everything.
that those sheltered caves needn't love me back.

it was a chanced discovery that led to what they call a life altering experience. As you and i stood there, for a moment i saw the whole universe.

And as you pulled me along and we walked away turning our backs... i glanced at the caves once..

i think never in life again will i be yearning..as much as i was in that moment to say... " I was here" and hold something by it.


Dear Firefly,

it is the Autumn that makes all of Autumn vain. when you lie on your back underneath the sun
the breeze stirs you up and reminds you of wilderness.

Your in Love... and you will stop at nothing. You will not reason, you will not see... you will not do anything that makes your love a little less Incredible.

it is night and as i speak of a purple... you talk about violet.

You have lost your mind... and i have too.. both on different things.