we did not leave our names behind, not even dug prints of our paws on the walls.
you said we needn't claim everything.
that those sheltered caves needn't love me back.

it was a chanced discovery that led to what they call a life altering experience. As you and i stood there, for a moment i saw the whole universe.

And as you pulled me along and we walked away turning our backs... i glanced at the caves once..

i think never in life again will i be yearning..as much as i was in that moment to say... " I was here" and hold something by it.


Arcane Akash said...

I wonder what they were thinking as they spent their lives in the darkness... giving life to the barren walls of the caves. The desire of the soul to leave behind a trace. A footstep... A picture... a story.

Was it the same feeling as burying a little treasure box... which one hopes will outlive time itself. The past... protected... preserved. Something the soul can look back upon as it drifts away and whisper to the earth... "I was here".

sujaan said...

loved the mood u created there... the feeling of leavin a mark... (looking at it from a detached, objective, non personal view)

reema said...

@Akash: it mite sound strange to u... here i am completely nd only speaking about myself...

@sujaan: thanks. :) this post is very close to my heart