It’s been a long time since I have written in complete sentences. In wholesome and plausible paragraphs about something relevant.
I don’t know why I do things I do. Why I pick ways, stick to them unnecessarily and then one day, drop them.
Life today is good. Not very indulging, not very aimless.
Yet I don’t know why I keep writing about it and nothing else.
Doesn’t anything else matter?
Some days back I was reading an article on Narmada by Arundhati Roy.
It was fact based. But was written with so much of passion.
Her passion gleamed through the words.
And I thought to myself…..
“ Poor little writer girl…. Trying to save the world in red and blue tights”
I wondered if saving a human settlement around a river would ever give me sleepless nights!
If 50 million displaced, homeless people ever mattered.
Will nuclear armament be as relevant as losing my virginity. Though the former could kill us all, and the latter a harmless progression in emotional and sexual life.

You know one of the most difficult things in the world is to come to terms with your own self. Both your greatness and your weakness. And sometimes when you cannot feel enough, just because it doesn’t hurt you.


Anonymous said...

I keep getting into these conflicts, when I don't seem to understand what should matter more- what's happening to me or what's happening to the entire world, whether or not isoalted from me...

विकास कुमार said...

just proves u r still a human.

sahil arora said...

eac n every human being is a selfish freak...... wether it is unemotional , emotional, cerebral, 1 with ego etc... if sumthin is happenin at a far off place, v r worried only coz v don feel safe nemore n it can happen to us sum day too...... dat only luks as if v r flaunting humanity by droppin sum tears or makin a pity face!!! even if we stop whinin n cursing the terrorists n do sumthin substantive...... dats happenin only coz v r friggin selfish masses !!!! " watever happnd was bad, horrible, disgustin....., skanky, loathsum.....".......duhh!!!!

Arcane Akash said...

Even if the drop were aware of the ocean, it still wouldn't be able to change the way the wave crashes against the rocks...or how the tide rises or falls. But as the drop evaporates on its own...it chooses to descend upon barren lands, giving them life...might it be brief. It then returns to the ocean...to wait...patiently.

We are nothing but a drop in this ocean of life....let us shift between being the saline tide...and the sweet drop of spring rain. Let us do what little we can...how little it may be, for a good deed never goes to waste...never. We just lack the patience or the time to see the result!

reema said...

@inihos:..oh really..i no
@vikas: i wish i cud agree wid u
@sahil: umm...
@akash: i jus loved wat u said... trust me...i ws soo overwhelmed.. i got gooseflesh...especially readin da last bit.."smtimes v lack the patience 2 wait n see wat our deeds eventually turn out 2 b..."

विकास कुमार said...

You may not agree with me but you cant deny the fact that you are still human. :) and trust me, its not a bad thing.