I read it once, I read it twice.
I tried to memorise it in a way I had never done to any of my history lessons.
Then I gave up.

I tried to reason with my self. I tried to rebel with it.
I questioned in a way I never had to any of my lovers.
I gave up on it too.

I realised that both, being me and loving the things that I love are beyond my keeping and knowing..

Now, this moment, I am tying words… and my favourite song is playing in the background.

And may be this is far less than being able to do things.. but it does suffice.
It does suffice.


The none said...

I also failed to memorize history lessons and then in exams, instead of tying words, I used to draw pictures. the teacher once gave me a few bonus marks for a scenery :D

reema said...

@the none: funny...