Love God For The Poor Soul

“ I don’t like too many things hanging on the wall, I don’t think its fancy.
I would hate it if ever my home had those kind of walls...”
“ Besides I keep wondering from time to time why so many artistes have sung
Leaving on a Jet Plane in their voices again and again. Janis Joplin, Joni Mitchell so many of them. It gives me the creeps, why cant they leave Denver’s alone?”

Harry spoke while he ate his subway. His fingers digging into the sandwich and spilling the contents. The sauces were all over his face and on the napkins which were supposed to be used to wipe and clean.

So you made love to a blue coloured woman with waist long hair and ten hands? I asked.
Like I told you, he said.
I looked at him, watched him eat.

He ate his sandwich. Ate every bit of it, in slow and in love. He bit off the crust and the sides first and kept the centre for the next bite.

And…As he ate the olives, he closed his eyes.


Arcane Akash said...

Leaving on a jet plane...is one of my fav songs....and i didn't know until today who the actual singer was...all i heard was the version in the movie Armageddon!...and it was a good movie...undoubtedly! hehe

But tats not the real reason that i am commenting here! Its the sheer emotion that just flooded my senses upon reading this...tat has forced me to say the next few words........Reema....no one...and i repeat NO ONE....has ever....ever...described...as pleasantly as you have...the significance of....Olives in a subway sandwich! :-) i know ...u must be thinking...tat i think too much with my stomach and not enuf wit my brain...but DAMN!...as i read this...i was smiling...and licking my lips!

Bravo! :-)

reema said...

@akash: ur unbelievable!

Anjum Naim said...

Beautiful peice.

reema said...

@anjum: tnk u