Is surat se arz sunaate,dard batate,nadiya khete,minnat karte,rasta takte, 
kitni sadiyaan beet gaayi hain.. 
ab jaaker yeh bhed khula hai..
Jisko tumne arz guzari
Jo tha haath pakarne waala
jis ja laagi nao tumhari
jis se dukh ka daaru maanga
tore mandir mein jo nahi aaya
woh to tum hi the.....
woh to..tum hi the....


My decision of not seeing you tonight was perhaps a wrong one. especially when you called back again and said 'I think you should see me tonight'. especially when i am a little sad and alone.
I chose instead to sink in sleepless contemplation. to write a story about a little girl trying to slay a sea monster. to keep at it without any clear reasons.
I think that there's much evidence to happiness as there is to the fact that behind every portrait of a hilly landscape, there stands an image of a person we cannot see.

I should have seen you tonight, I wonder how much more romantic it would have been.