So, i am going to write a little about the arrived Monsoons in the city..
Not a poem.. because Monsoon's nauseated with poetry.
yet with every wet step, dark clouds gather and in my heart what was lifted, drops back again..
yes, it is the same recluse memory again that makes me love everything about monsoons... or else i couldnt see it.
may be it is... my own neurosis. :)


sujaan said...

nice little thought!

as for me, i have already started hating the monsoons...i hate wet feet!

and yes monsoons nauseated with poetry, and i'm accomplice to that crime as well :P

reema said...

@sujaan: hw can u hate monsoons?.. nd ya dat u were an accomplice i'd agree... bt u did a good job!

Geek Lover said...

:P its all our own neurosis..

reema said...

@tan: lol..