I have learned lately that steady and changeable interact and inverse themselves in everyday Life.that in some university, kids with above 180 IQ are trying to crack the math of it all by the application of Calculus.
I always crack up with articles on Modern life and Loneliness whenever they mention the Happiness Index to validate their theory. If I could really have a measuring scale for happiness then perhaps i would have put it out in the living room. It would have been more welcoming than the three little Manchurian fellows on the mantle.
A very drunken friend once explained to me how life was a random order of chaos and that we were all at collision with other beings, creating a permutation and combination of circumstances.

the world gets more ridiculous everyday and thus even if hope runs out someday humor never will. I have had many changes in life lately but i wish to speak nothing about them. I'd rather just doodle aimlessly and i am happy with that.


Vikas Chandra said...

nice one..

i m borrowing some lines to quote..

reema said...

@Vikas: Make sure i get my credits..:P