As you destruct everything you build eventually, find new things and meticulously construct again. I wonder how naively i hold on to the sand and gravel and every thing that gets worn and worn and worn.

I had always thought of you as the Dreamer and of me as the Courageous, turns out that it was you who had been brave while i clutched on to my dreams which needed closure.
Last night as we spoke i was amazed at how self sure you were with disentanglement.

I wondered if i could ever disentangle myself or stop loving the man who crosses seven states, takes 38 hours of long general compartment train journeys every month to come see me and be with me.

I'd rather have him leave me, one day when he realises that he doesnt love me.

I wish you an eternity of such courage and even greater happiness. and some for me so i can be less miserable tomorrow, lesser and lesser each day.

Here in Life, I can only think of my smallish little house in suburnban Calcutta and My ailing grandmother reaching her end.