I woke up and i touched the man's pale jet-lagged skin, the hives and rashes spread unevenly on his body. I chuckled because it felt like i was touching a reptile.

But what did i really see?

I reached over to kiss and there in that moment i was cursed with Shantiniketan's legend of Unrequited Love.

Now, in the forest mornings, my heart reflects a green-yellow
and in the nights, a cobalt-blue.

the unrequited ghost of my love is now among the many spirits in the forest, whispering like the wind into the Poet's ears, who is perhaps still writing somewhere.

One with its trees, One with its soil, embedded inside the very legend.


little boxes said...

and you do it again.
these ghosts. i hope they find rest some day.

reema said...

@lilbox: :) yes lets hope that the dust settles at dusk!

jo said...

liked this..a lot!