Today I felt as ashamed and lonely as a little child whose friends mocked him for being an Orphan.

for the sake of a trivial argument, a close friend suddenly picks up and says,
" Well, you didn't get to see your dying grandmother"

Adult relationships are tricky and i have not been spared.

But i resist like an old blind man who holds out his stick at all who push him around and make fun.


Arcane Akash said...
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hapi said...

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little boxes said...

Reema,dont show the world where it hurts.
They love to pick at you right there.
I may be a bad person for saying this, it is more important to see a grandmother when she has been alive, to let her know that there is a grand daughter who cares than to cry sitting by her when she's gone.

Minakshi said...

Yes, you didn't see your grandmother dying.

You saw her live. You saw her love. You saw her hold you and you held her back. You saw her age as she saw you grow up. We both saw her eyes shine when we told her about our dreams. She gave you the power, Reema to stand up and say you had been with her, in life and in death.

It doesn't matter if you weren't there physically when she closed her eyes. Just as it doesn't matter that the close friend of yours will never know that you were always there with her. And you always will.


Benjamin said...

I too feel your pain

Mikayla Neverson said...

I love the way you write.

spider lady said...

life is not suppose to be easy. neither is relationships between people.

Tinderno said...

God you have this sparse but perfectly executed sense of a complete emotional scene.. This is almost haiku in its sublime, minimalist expression, yet, i feel I have seen everyhting you wanted to show.. i am working my way backwards through your blog, what a treat!