Before Mr Dracula drank her blood and sucked the lady dry, he spoke in his expensive taste of the eccentricity in Gaudi and his spectacular Sagrada Familia of Spain, The Japanese gods and goddess,about Art Nouveau and 20th century modernism, Turkish Deserts and the world's largest orchestra.

And when he bit her flesh,the Lady nervously dabbed her pearl necklace and only wished that she doesn't sound too unintelligent to question what he was doing.


Akash Verma said...

This only stands if one believes that Mr. Dracula knew what he was saying... rather than reciting things he saw in a National Geographic Tourist Guide.

Hard to imagine Steve Martin as Mr. Dracula (i like how u used the Mr title for him as a sign of british respect) going through all this charade! But then again... Dracula probably did get a lot of reading done during the day!

little boxes said...

i love the tongue-in-cheek-ness of it all :)

Tinderno said...

wow. I think I have been both of there people, although I may argue that I have been the woman less and the vampire more, I wonder what those i have fed upon would say.. This is supurbly written.

reema said...

@Tinderno: as you go backwards through my blog, i can see you leaving traces. :)

thank you for your good words though!