I really don’t know which is more difficult,
Holding on or letting go
I don’t know which is more important
Holding on or letting go

I do know that both require a lot of effort
And may be I haven’t tried hard enough
And thus I have failed…

I could not hold on to you…
And now I cannot let go….

I will not plead
I will not explain

I did not hold on to you…
And now I cannot let go….


nilanjana said...

...writing of light assault d darkness more prodigious dan meteors....ur writing speaks of humanity..homeland...of sumone...neone....wel dis poem is so close 2my heart...u mk me realise nd recognise...

reema said...

@nil: and u say ur not a gud writer.....

The Rainmaker said...

nice little poem, it's hard, painful and finally useless to hold on to something that wants you to let go. On the other hand it's painful and excruciating to let go, but it creates scope for new light in your life.

Best of luck

reema said...

@rik: a noteworthy point rick!... i shall make note of that

Pallav said...

i wish you did not complicate things so much unnecessarily.
life IS simple... keep it that ways...
look for beauty in simplicity. you just need to open your eyes and look around.. :)

Anonymous said...

I did not hold on to you…
And now I cannot let go….

I know what that feels like!!!

reema said...

@inihos: hmmm may b understand is a better word!

Geek Lover said...

Then one day we shall be over too..
Like everything else..
But when it comes to an end..
Don’t give up on me..
I wont give up on us..

I know that things end..
Its not the sudden death that bothers me..
It is the slow fading of you and me..
To you and me..
That I fear..

One day I will talk much less than I do now..
But I have promised to be honest..
And when I wont say much..
Maybe I wont need to..
You will know..

I want to grow old with you..
And grow into the life..
That is us..
I fear getting used to it..
I don’t want to stay because you are a habit..
And I'm comfortable..
I want to stay because I love you..

- tania..

rest of such and all here - http://rushh-aa.livejournal.com/tag/poem

:) this is the real blog..

Minakshi said...

I'd rather have you read it to me someday...