As we lie awake in this night.
Lets leave this bed, get up and set off in our little red jaguar.
Lets drive until we reach the end.
At the tip on the mountaintop, lets sit with our feet hanging.
Lets sit and cry and cry even more.

Cry for all the woes of this world.
All sorrow and loss.
Cry for the dead people, poor people, mad people, deaf, dumb and blind people.
Cry for the American war. Cry for Lady Di.
Lets not brood or be sullen of these things. Lets genuinely be sad.
For how one life was never enough for love, brotherhood or hate.

Lets hold each other.. comfort and ease each other.
For our inadequacies, for our indifference.
Both to one another and to every thing else.
Lets confess that we lied when we said that we loved ourselves,
When we said
lets say we didn’t care to love enough, we didn’t love enough to care.
Both this world and we in it.

Lets cry for us.
Lets drive away with the radio on full blast. It’s nicely quite now.
Lets not smoke our cigarettes tonight.
Lets not contemplate, lets not reflect.
Lets not lie awake.


little boxes said...

i know how it feels...
i tell you its a scary world we live in.
god bless you...was worried.

Arcane Akash said...

......to accept this world as ur own...is to share its pain...share its happiness...share its sorrow...and its weakness. Its funny what people will have so much love to give to one other individual...but not even a little love to give to the world. This world needs to heal...it needs to heal...

reema said...

@lil boxes: two things; i wud love to no wat it feels to u.
m surprised at ur worry.

@akash: hey...u no wat...aah foget it...love u. stay well

Roohi said...


reema said...

@roohi: tnk u...