And I have been waking up every morning with a feeling that
This world would come to an end. that all would be lost and gone.
It’s distressing at bang though but things change, things pick up as the day picks up.
Once I met a girl who said she was a rock star. Said she put on black pants and black paint and wore her black wonder bra in each of her rock concerts
Although blue was her favourite colour. Although black she thought made her sexy.
Then she spent the next half hour and also the only half hour of us knowing each other in convincing that she was for real.
The other day at an art gallery with ‘abstract art’ on exhibit... i wondered.
I saw those bold, inexplicable colours, brush strokes, hand paintings... and i wondered that even if it didn’t need meaning, how does the artist decide where to begin and where to end.
With things that are solely beautiful and meaningless otherwise, how does one begin and end with these things.
And then I equated Art with Love. Found them both absurd and rash.

And these are random thoughts thought at various times of the day or may be the week.
Sometimes I wish that i didn’t try so hard. that I came out of this spell of constant sense, reasoning and defending. That I lost my mind once in a way so I cant remember any. Not even my name.
Then I think how ridiculous you are, and how ridiculous I am in loving you.
And it’s something that I find oddly and darkly comic.


little boxes said...

i do this too..believe me!
last evening,the setting sun i saw from the flight reminded me of my dida and the sun became her "tip", the clouds were her hair...
but then we landed and i realised that my dida only wears a "tip" up above there...in the family portrait my dadu carried in his pocket before he died.

reema said...

wow....now dats beautiful...i ws jus ranting..!