On one such highly romantic evenings
I will be walking down the most romantic street
Singing my favourite love song

Old Joe’s, the karaoke bar, the brothels, the cemetery
Walking past all the places made famous for love..
Walk until I reach the river edge

I shall dip my legs in the water, sit there for a while
Thinking of you as you live in another continent
Picture you, stooping over books or moving from one room to another.

And as the city lights fade,
My romance will come to a close
And i shall see sparks in heaven..


Anonymous said...


Geek Lover said...

another continent ? pure musing ?

Vikas Chandra said...

hey..U mostly write about Love..U write so simple.so fascinating..
But the problem is I ain't able to comprehend..
Do I need to be in love for that??

reema said...

@inihos: finally!..m called one yay!
@tan: hehe...umm...mayb
@vikas: u think?

sujaan said...

hey i dint know u blogged...nice poems, like the simplicity...keep blogging... :)

reema said...

@sujaan: i have been blogging for a really long time now... thanks neway...