the funny part is that stories we write in parts of what we remember
and not the whole of what we remember.
memory might account many things including billboards and signs or even patterns in cutlery..
but that bit we dont mention.
like if i were to write a story about my dad.. it would most definitely be about how he loves airplanes.. like a young summer school boy. completely fascinated by them.
about mum.. i would write of her indulgance in cooking for me.
all my life i'd thought if only i could do anything to take away her regrets, but the sight of her preparing my meal when only a side of her face i can see, there is a strange feel of content in it and there are no regrets.
and such short exerpts, brief encounters would make my whole story.
there would be so many days, so much else left out... but i guess thats the nature of a story and a story writer.


sujaan said...

in spite of all that we leave out, writing our stories is important...for wat they include rather than for wat they exclude...:) nice read

little boxes said...

beautifully written.
one must write one's story no matter what...each one of us need to have different stories.the world will get boring otherwise :)

reema said...

@sujaan & lil boxes: writing is important i agree.. bt wat abt objectivity of truth? do u think dat exists in a story or is it relevant at all?

Anonymous said...

It would be a brilliant story...

Arcane Akash said...

Some writers write what they see...some write what they dream...others write what they experience.

A story is much more than "short excerpts, brief encounters"....a story is a feeling which one hopes to share with others...consequently...the reader must have the heart to feel what the writer felt.

Storytellers are those few who make worlds out of nothing...let you live out of your time...out of your time...for a brief...brief but magical moment.

You are a storyteller...if I ever met one! :-)