Unknowns write poems in a journal everyday.
they are poems of love.. mostly.
i read,re-read, recite, hum.. go back and forth, murmur,sing, take off, brood, reminisce with them.
everyday i stare out from the rider's seat in a bus
and that view of the glimmering sea looks like the window to a wall clock
and in it a box with me in a birdy cap, stuck to a spring.. waiting for the hour to tick.


little boxes said...

how can you be so good with words?
every effing time?

reema said...

hehe..ur kind

Arcane Akash said...

On paper so blank
I wrote words from my soul
Folded them into wings
And with hope i let them soar
Maybe one day they will reach you
Maybe one day you will know
These are my poems
I am an unknown


reema said...

@akash: unexpected. this is beautiful.