My name, i did not choose. it was given by my beloved Grand mother. As a little girl, i always felt it was unfair not to have let me choose my own name. but now i think i couldnt have managed it.

when i was five i wanted to be called 'Shomi' so that i dont forget my best friend who i left behind while changing cities. somedays i wanted to be called Leela because she was my faviourite character from a book.. I have always wanted to be 'Mia' from Pulp Fiction. and then one day someone lovingly named me 'Mausami'. all my life i have sought after different things and named me differently each time. thinking i were it.
our names should suggest our personalities. but our vageries are such that one name limits it somehow.
well.. i could not go without a name but maybe thats why i never name my posts.
none of my writing bear titles so they could be ambiguous.
honestly, i could never decide on one and also giving a title somehow makes writing more authorised, directive.
when a friend quriously asked for the reasons.. i thought to my self "shotti to!"


Geek Lover said...

i named myself!! by accident...

reema said...

@tan: hw?

Geek Lover said...

haha... LONG story... I remember yolande telling me to tell everyone in FY... but then we all got bored of it and forgot... i'll tell u in class... i have to act it out... nahi toh majja nai !!